Aging-in-Place Design for the Home

Are you retired or thinking about retirement and want to make sure you get the most out of every day?

One area that’s often overlooked and can contribute to your happiness, health and longevity is the addition of design elements to the home that will help support you as you get older, prevent accidents that can compromise your health, and can contribute to your day-to-day comfort for years to come.

Aging-in-Place Design can help you live in your home longer and more comfortably.

Aging-in-Place Design is a scientifically backed interior design principle that focuses on the areas of the home that have proven to be areas of trouble for people as they age. It takes into account common problems people face, like loss of mobility and weakening eyesight, difficulty standing and sitting, and areas of the home that have been associated with serious, life-altering injuries. These design renovations work to support day-to-day living and mitigate house-related dangers so people can live longer, healthier lives at home.

Common areas that require aging-in-place design renovations are the bathroom, living room and living areas, the kitchen, hallways and entryways.

Award-winning, Certified Aging-in-Place Interior Designer Bonnie Lewis is available with consultation and interior design remodel services that help you prepare your home for the retirement you deserve while working within your budget.

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We Can Help

55+ TLC Interior Design specializes in aging in place design renovations that make homes more livable and safer. Award-winning Aging-in-Place Interior Designer Bonnie Lewis will work with you to assess your home’s needs and create a design renovation plan that appeals to your unique sense of style while working to stay within budget. The result is an attractive space that will help you live in the home you love for longer.

Bonnie has won numerous awards for her custom aging in place designs, including the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Universal Design Award, two HGTV People’s Choice 2016 Bath Trend Awards, the National Association of Home Builders for Life Award for a Singular Space, the American Society of Interior Designers’ 1st Place Aging in Place Award, and many more.

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Did You Know?

Americans are living longer.

If you are among those hoping to retain your independence into the future, creating a safer home environment is an essential step to support your health and longevity. 55+ TLC Interior Design is here to help.

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Common Questions

I don’t know anything about aging-in-place renovation. Where do I start?

Don’t worry! Bonnie Lewis is a certified Aging in Place design specialist with years of experience and numerous awards for her work. She can walk you through the process step-by-step to create a beautiful design renovation that supports your health and longevity.

Do I really need to start thinking about renovating my home for aging in place? I feel so young!

It’s never too early to start planning for the future. If you want to remain in the home you love for as long as possible, now’s the time to begin planning for success. Simple and important design renovations will help you in the years to come by supporting you and your changing needs. Aging in place design alterations can help can prevent common slips and falls that can seriously impact health. Planning doesn’t age you; it just makes you more prepared.

Okay, it’s safer, but will my home look good?

Of course! 55+ TLC Interior Design specializes in aging-in-place design without sacrificing style and beauty. Many elements of aging-in-place design are also attractive housing trends that can add value to your home.

What kind of aging-in-place renovations does 55+ TLC Interior Design offer?

Bonnie Lewis will meet with you to talk about your plans and needs. She’ll conduct a professional assessment of your home and provide an objective assessment for the work that may need to be done. Once you’ve reviewed the assessment together, Bonnie will work with you to plan each stage of the project based on your objectives, desires and budget. To get started, contact Bonnie Lewis today at (480) 696-3187 or email