Inspiring Healthcare Remodel Design Facilitates Fitness Testing and Training for Adult and Senior Patients

Creating an on-site Fitness Testing and Training room within the North Scottsdale concierge medical practice of Lifescape was the impetus of this remodel. An existing X-ray Imaging room needed to be redesigned and converted into an inspiring space consistent with Lifescape’s beautiful, Zen-like look-and-feel and branding “Whole Health for a Whole Life.”  

Lifescape CEO and founder Susan Wilder, M.D., had the vision to offer patients, a number of whom are 55+, precise, personalized training, based on fitness test results, with an accomplished, on-staff fitness pro. The goal is to improve patients’ health, wellness and longevity. Dr. Wilder is nationally known as an innovative leader, speaker and author, a Phoenix Top Doc, and is ranked in the top 4% of physicians in the country.

Fitness is Important at Any Age, But for Adults 55+ It’s Essential!

Exercise is necessary to combat inherent muscle loss, that begins at age 30, and the gradual loss of balance that occurs as we get older, which puts us at a higher risk for falls. While falls bring laughs in comedies or cartoons, they are no joke for people 55+.  

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), every year, 1 out of 3 adults age 65 and older will fall. Up to 30% of those who fall will suffer moderate or severe injuries or death. And, falls are the leading cause of non-illness-related deaths in the U.S.  

Another benefit of exercise, as reported in Neurology, (Dec. 19, 2018) an ENLIGHTEN trial revealed that regular exercise boosts executive function (impulse control, emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, and organization) and can potentially delay the onset of dementia in adults at risk for it.

Design Matters and Design is in the Details

Once the needs, wants and intricate details of how and by whom the fitness space would be used were gleaned, I developed a design concept for the new Fitness room along with a new floor plan and electrical plan. They were designed to accommodate the equipment necessary, meet health and safety codes, and be senior-friendly. CAD (computer-aided drafting) drawings were prepared for presentation and construction.

Key considerations for the design included health, safety (slip, trip and fall prevention), the needs of older adults, user comfort, ease of maintenance, an inspiring aesthetic, and Biophilic design.

Biophilic design is based on a strong connection to nature, is evidenced-based, and has been proven to reduce stress, improve immune function, speed up healing, and improve the human experience. It has primarily only been used in healthcare environments since its origin in 1984.

With such powerful health benefits, I incorporate Biophilic design in all my projects, including commercial senior living design, residential Aging in Place remodel design and healthcare design projects.

Inspiration for my Biophilic Fitness room focal point wall design was drawn from an Asian rainforest riverbed. Natural pebbles were selected to emulate a riverbed with movement. Textured, dimensional tile with wavy vertical lines emulates rain streaming down on the pebbles. Colorful parasol-patterned, square limestone tile intermittently arranged. Some are inset and some jet out to abstractly represent raindrops.

The Fitness room remodel also involved removing some existing lead-lined walls that were required for X-ray imaging. One was removed to expose a covered window and allow in natural light. A translucent window shade was added for privacy and to block afternoon sun. A ceiling fan and an extra air-conditioning vent were installed to make the environment comfortable for exercising, especially on hot Arizona days. Uplifting wall paint and wallcovering colors were used to create a cheerful atmosphere for patients and staff. New, code-compliant flooring was installed. The flooring looks like wood, but is softer under foot, making it safer on patients’ joints when exercising, and it is slip-resistant.

Too often, the needs of older adults are not even considered when spaces they live in, patronize or are patients at, are designed. Why? Because designers with the right skill level weren’t hired.  Even worse, there is no designer and builders, contractors or vendors are relied on to make important design decisions. Professional, degreed interior designers are trained in codes, materials, lighting, furniture, and fabrics for welfare and safety purposes. Senior living and healthcare interior designers have advanced, specialized training. Because the needs of older adults are often overlooked, my mission is to make life better, easier and safer for as many 55+ adults as possible.

I meticulously weigh the impact and outcome of every decision in the planning, construction and design process. Because I understand how important it is.

It was a pleasure to use my healthcare and senior living design expertise to create an inspiring Fitness room that integrates naturally into Lifescape’s beautiful environment and contributes to helping patients improve their health, wellness and longevity.