As a professional in homebuilding, you see the trends each day, and you know the demand for homes that offer a comfortable, easy living environment by those 50-years-old and older.

This demographic of homebuyer is looking for a home that’s stylish and one that will support them as they age. Common desires include single-story homes, and homes with elevators, open living spaces, wide hallways and more.

These homebuyers already have an idea of what they want, and aging-in-place design can help home builders meet their needs with even better designed homes that can attract both younger and older boomer and senior homebuyers with essential elements that are often overlooked in new home floorplans.

After all, 41 percent of homebuyers are over the age of 50. Couple that with the fact that more than 30 percent of homebuyers between 50 to 68 years old expect to live in their homes for 16 years or longer, according to Realtor.org, and the need for aging-in-place design becomes clear.

By consulting with an aging-in-place design specialist, home builders can plan homes that fit older buyer’s needs, while creating interiors that meet the aesthetic of the modern home buyer.

By making aging-in-place design a part of the home development process, homes can be built to appropriate specifications to ensure that the long-term requirements of the 50-plus homebuyer are met.

The result is a home that is as practical as it is beautiful, and one that meet homebuyer’s needs and helps to stop their search for a new home at your door and helps to convert them into a new homeowner.

How Can An Aging-in-Place Design Specialist Add Value to New Home Building?

An aging-in-place design specialist can answer the questions that need to be addressed, reviewing your floor plans and/or designing new. At 55+ TLC Interior Design, we’re experts in adding value to homes by focusing on the long-term lifestyle experience of the homeowner.

Common Questions for Homebuilding and Aging-in-Place Design:

  • How much open space should the home include?
  • What type of layout will support functional accessibility for the homeowner as they age?
  • What are the appropriate height restrictions for cabinets, countertops and fixtures?
  • How should floorplans incorporate open passageways to support mobility long term?
  • What types of flooring should be selected to support mobility now and in the future?
  • What exterior elements should incorporate aging-in-place design?
  • What aging-in-place design elements will support homebuyers in the years to come?

55+ TLC Interior Design Services Include:

  • Consulting
  • Space planning
  • Architectural review
  • Flooring design
  • Lighting design
  • Decorative hardware and plumbing specifications
  • Interior and exterior finish specifications
  • Wall and ceiling treatments
  • Window coverings and treatments
  • Remodel design services

Boomers and seniors are an essential component for a healthy new-home industry. Meeting their needs should be a central concern of any home building company with a focus on the future.

To discuss integrating aging-in-place design into your new home projects, contact 55+ TLC Interior Design at (480) 696-3187.